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The Magnum SAR Tec Folder is a reliable Search-and-Rescuepocket knife with signal-coloured handle scales made of textured G10, whichthanks to the checkering and ergonomic finger recess always remain securely inthe hand even in bad weather conditions. The blade made of 7Cr17MoV stainless steelopens spring-assisted by thumb stud or flipper and can therefore also be easilyoperated with gloves. It is secured by a linerlock and also has a line and beltcutter on the back of the blade. This means that the Magnum SAR Tec Folder isoptimally equipped for rescue operations at sea, on land, in the air and underall climatic conditions. With lanyard hole and deep carry clip (tip-down/r).


  • Pocket knife
  • 7.80" overall length
  • 3.31" blade length
  • 0.11" blade thickness
  • 7Cr17MoV blade material
  • Orange G10 handle material
  • Flipper opener
  • Spring assisted opening
  • Linerlock
  • Extended tangPocket clip
  • Boxed

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