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The japanese sharpening stone manufacturer matsunaga in osaka, produces both the king and sun tiger brands, making it the oldest and best-known maker of japanese waterstones. This king 'nagura' stone is a small stone intended to help maintain the main stone's surface, to take down high spots and raise sharpening slurry quickly. Used as one of the popular accessories for finer sharpening stones, this product is the only genuine nagura stone manufactured and sold by king.

A nagura stone itself is a small waterstone. Its use is to wear away hard particles or metal contamination in the waterstone, mainly on the #6000 grit polishing side, and to selectively allow minor flattening by being rubbed on a high spots on the stone. Another usage is to create slurry on your whetstone effective sharpening. Quickly develops a fine slurry and really helps cut down on the amount of time you need to spend sharpening and polishing.

How to Use the Nagura:

-Sprinkle some water on the surface of the Whetsone and then 'scour' the stone with the Nagura until a thin layer of slurry forms.

-Then just proceed with sharpening as usual; renew the water/Nagura slurry as needed, and then when done, you can just rinse the stone down with water and you'll notice it's not fouled with metal.

-Also use the Nagura to selectively flatten minor high spots whilst sharpening.

-VERY highly recommended process to speed up sharpening jobs AND protect your valuable sharpening stones from fouling and then having to clean them with a more aggressive stone, wearing them down faster.


  • Used to flatten the sharpening stone
  • Provide slurry for polishing
  • Size: 70x23x23 mm
  • Made in Japan

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